One of my earliest branding projects was for The Great Canadian BBQ Joint. A Mississauga restaurant specializing in BBQ food.


After a consultation meeting with Marcel I got to work and began what was my biggest project at the time. The job consisted of a logo, indoor and outdoor signage, menus, flyers, business cards, and a website. The logo would also make it’s was onto tshirts and hats.

I originally presented 6 different logo concepts for the first round of drafts. Immediately Marcel knew which concept he liked best and from there it wasn’t long before we finalized the design.

Next I moved on the indoor and outdoor signage as well as the menu boards. The outdoor signs we’re various sizes. Some were as long as 35′ wide and all had complete different dimensions from each other. The indoor signage ranged in sizes as well and mostly went on windows and featured specials and food images. Menu boards with prices and signs featuring only the logo were also completed at this time.


Next came the menus and flyers. This required hours of photo editing and color correcting. The photos also found a home on the website which I was working on at the same time. Adding new info as the job moved along, the look of the website essentially mirrored all of the materials I was creating. The brand was complete.

Sadly, The Great Canadian BBQ Joint closed their doors in 2016. 80% of all new restaurants don’t make it past 5 years and unfortunately for Marcel and his BBQ joint that was the case here.


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