Toronto’s Class Assassins have been a regular fixture in the live music scene for well over a decade.

weekend-warriors-copyI joined the band in 2006 and my first task was to re-brand the band. The Class Assassins were using a generic type set for their logo and had no continuity within the design of their discography or promo materials. I created a new logo that best represented their brand of ‘Street Punk’ and truly captured the feel and urgency of their sound & message.

Over the next few years the band released a couple of CD’s, a digital download and a record. The Logo graced the covers, while the feel and flow of the design work more accurately gave the listener an idea of what they were about to hear.

The band also produced a large number t-shirts, patches, pins and stickers with various designs I created. I also launched social media pages for The Class Assassins as well as contributed graphics to the website that was run by the record label.

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