Working with content developed by our Financial Literacy Coordinator, I designed the new Eva’s Financial Literacy Toolkit.

The toolkit included three manuals, two brochures and a youth-friendly website. evasfinancialkit.ca


Eva’s had recently re-branded and this was an exciting opportunity to try out the new logo, colors and fonts and really put them to work.

Using the newly established branding guidelines I began the project. The first thing I did was create a logo to represent the toolkit. The next thing was to create the covers for the manuals. During my brainstorming sessions I kept going back to a calculator as a good symbol that represented financial literacy. I ended up recreating the calculator icon that we see everyday on our tablets and devices. I placed it on the front cover and predominantly throughout the manual.

Formatting the manuals was the majority of the work. With over 50 pages in each of the 3 manuals a large amount of time was spent developing a template and inputting the text and content provided by the Financial Literacy Coordinator. Breaking up the information so that it didn’t read like a text book was very important. Once the manuals were completed I had my printers run a test print to ensure everything looked good. A few adjustments were made and we were done.

From there I moved on the the two brochures. A big obstacle as is often the case when creating brochures is fitting all of the info into the allotted space. After the brochures were completed I began the website. The toolkit was launched in June of 2015.

This toolkit was created to increase the financial literacy and champion the financial empowerment of homeless and at-risk youth. It was designed, facilitated and evaluated at Eva’s three youth shelter sites in Toronto: Eva’s Phoenix, Eva’s Place and Eva’s Satellite. The Toolkit is still being used ans distributed to other sites around the country.


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