In 2015 I was asked to designs a logo and establish branding guidelines for a new Axe Throwing League.

Located on trendy Geary Street in Toronto’s North-West end, The Devil’s X was slated to open in early Jan 2016. Not only did the Devil’s X feature Axe Throwing, they were also a state of the art fitness facility.¬†Kate needed a strong logo to represent her new business.¬† She also needed a website, business cards, signage & banners and other promotional materials.


My first task was to make the name work in logo form. Working with certain word combinations and punctuation can make designing a logo that much more difficult. The Devil’s X was a definitely tough one to work with, but I took their ideas and went to the drawing board.

Kate ad her partners had some good ideas in mind. After a few rounds of drafts we settled on a belt-buckle look. An oval with two axes crossing to form the letter X. We went with a gold-brown color on black. I added some signs of distress and some line work and the logo was complete.

For the signage and business cards I sent my files to the great staff at the Phoenix Print Shop. I also designed postcards for mailers, coupons, and posters. As well we made a batch of cool one-inch pins. Those were manufactured by the awesome people at Crucial Pins.


I got to work on the website and we launched it in December. The website allowed customers to book dates and times for axe throwing, as well and to join fitness sessions. The devil’s X opened for business in early 2016 and had a fun first year hosing axe throwing and intense fitness classes. Sadly they closed their doors in 2017.

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