I was contacted by Matt in August of 2016. He was looking to start a new business. He repairs electronic musical equipment. He asked if I was interested in branding his business for him. The answer was an obvious yes.


The first thing we did was come up with a fitting name. We needed something cool, yet a name that could be taken serious. We wanted to work with words that represented certain aspects of electronics like Voltage, Watts and Wires I presented Matt with a list of 12 potential names. We agreed on High Voltage. Specializing in amp repairs I felt It really captured the feel of what he’s doing. And with that we were off and running.

Next up was the drafting process. I had already envisioned some ideas and quickly put them on paper. I liked the idea of including a sound tube in the logo. I wanted the logo to look like a rock n Roll t shirt design. There’s many forms of sound tubes so I based mine on the traditional Marshall Amplifier tube.

Matt was very easy to work with and allowed me plenty of creative freedom. Through a creative brief and many conversations with Matt I was really able to get a feel for what his vision was. And luckily I was on the same page as him. Within a week I was able to start presenting him with some concepts.


After a few rounds of drafts we settled on what would become the final design. Simple and true to the original concept. A circle with a sound tube on a slight angle. A banner in front with the company name in a slick and moving bold italic font. Classic Red and Yellow on Black makes it stand out anywhere.

From there I designed some promotion material such as posters and business cards. I also built some social media pages for him.

High Voltage Rock & Roll Repairs are currently up and running in the St. Clair and Yonge area of Toronto. You can find them online on Facebook and Instagram. Tell him Cactus sent you.




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